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evitive is a boutique advisory and services provider specialising in strategy, transformation, innovation and corporate venturing. Competing well is no longer enough in today’s economy: smart organisations serve a meaningful purpose, lead by example, set the rules and evolve into game-changers.

Our mission as co-entrepreneurs is to lead organisations in rediscovering their meaningful purpose, realising their potential and ultimately changing the game.

evitive’s unique, industry-agnostic approach to transformation and innovation combines post-conventional values and mindsets with systemic lean-agile thinking, leadership and working practices, enabling all contributors to unleash their potential towards a meaningful shared purpose. Our approach encompasses both growing high performance organisations with experienced, trusted and committed leaders and mature inter-professional teams, and developing superior value propositions, business models and ecosystems based on unique networks and cutting-edge technologies.

From defining their strategy to setting up and running transformation and innovation initiatives such as digital or autonomous transformation programs, intrapreneurship programs or venture builders: evitive enables and supports organisations at every stage.

Our Leadship Team

An experienced team are here to help you

Pascal Miserez evitive advisor senior partner

Pascal A. Miserez

Senior Partner

As evitive’s founder, Pascal is on a mission to evolve businesses into industry game-changers.

He specialises in digital transformation, strategic innovation, corporate entrepreneurship and venture building and has a strong track record in these subject areas since 1991.

As a co_entrepreneur, mentor and advisor, Pascal assumes responsibility for more impactful transformation, innovation and leadership practices and outstanding outcomes. 

He is a firm believer in post-conventional values and mindsets, systems thinking and systemic leadership and advocates lean-agile practices. Pascal holds a master in Business Administration from Smith School of Business, University of Maryland.

Roger Brogle evitive advisor partner

Roger Brogle


Roger brings in over 15 years of experience in Regulatory and Compliance projects, Operational Risk Management,  and Operational Excellence, predominantly in the insurance industry.

At evitive, Roger focuses on RegTech and LegalTech innovation. He holds a master’s degree of economics from the University of Basel.

Kurt Holenweger

Associate Partner

Kurt Holenweger has a diverse background, from carpentry and computer science to a master’s degree in cognitive neuroscience. 

His passion for neuroscience and health characterises his professional career. Kurt uses his proven expertise as a systemic coach in combination with sport and meditation to effectively support people in changing their behaviour. Kurt strives for knowledge driven by his desire to enrich his environment through profound insights and personal transformation. 

At evitive, Kurt uses his expertise and passion for mental health to promote the well-being and mental health of his clients.

Fabienne Steffen

Associate Partner

As a corporate mentor and mentor for potential development, Fabienne supports entrepreneurs, leaders and teams in the development of their self-efficacy, the unfolding of their potential and the creation of a new way of working together.

Authenticity, empathy and mutual trust form the basis for the development of the Self, the We, Everyone and Everything. Fabienne’s credo: “Invest in your inner self; it will determine your outer appearance.” 

At evitive, Fabienne also supports the development and operation of the evitive Academy for Transformation, Innovation & Leadership.

Aladar Tepelea evitive advisor associate partner

Aladar Tepelea

Associate Partner

Aladar is an entrepreneur, investor, executive and board advisor.

As interim CFO of proxeus, he led a 25 million USD ICO launch. At BlackRock, as business manager, he focused on M&A, corporate strategy, venture capital and FinTech innovation. Previously, he has been with Novartis in Corporate Finance.

At evitive, Aladar focuses on venture financing and investor relations. Aladar studied Business Administration at Vienna University of Economics and Business.

Hans-Wilhelm Dünn

Hans-Wilhelm Dünn

Associate Partner

Hans-Wilhelm is an Associate Partner at evitive in Berlin.

As a founding member and President of the Cyber Security Council Germany, he advises corporates and operators of critical infrastructures on cyber security issues.

Hans-Wilhelm shares his expertise as advisor, keynote speaker and panelist, and is a frequent contact for TV stations. He is a guest author for various newspapers, journals and scientific publications, and co-editor of «Cybersicherheit im Krankenhaus».

At evitive, Hans-Wilhelm focuses on Cyber Security, resilient systems and venture building. He holds a Diploma in administrative sciences from the University of Potsdam.

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